Pretty, fresh, winged friends in overdye
Ashley's Butterflies $6.00
Pretty, fresh, winged friends in overdye
Carol's Heart $6.00

Inspired by the European
monochromatic style, done entirely in
cross stitch with overdyed threads, this
little piece finishes up quickly.
Evergreen Christmas $6.00
coded for cross stitch as well as
beading, and finished off with a Mill Hill
crystal charm.
Autumn Color $8.00
Done using overdyed threads, this
monochromatic piece has multiple
finishing possibilities.
Blue Ray $6.00

This monochromatic little geometric
Ray is quick and fun for fingers
addicted to stitches!
Chen Sampler I $8.00
Debbi's Ornaments $6.00
Doris's Ornaments $6.00
Baptism $8.
Holiday Bloom $6.00
Love Is   $12.00
Love doesn't make the world go round. Love
is what makes the ride worthwhile.
-----Franklin P. Jones
Christmas Moon $8.00

This man in the moon brings
back happy memories.
Feel The Luv $6.00
Fireworks  $8.00