Wavering dragons $8.00
(Draco Vacillatus)
This Dragon is easily distinguished by
its three distinct heads and lack of
wings. Each of its heads has its own
distinct personality with often radically
different views and opinions from the
other heads. Named after its inability to
come to a decision, this Dragon is
most often found arguing to itself in
Washington D.C. as well as in State
Capitals or anywhere where politics
are committed. The Wavering Dragon
has also been referred to as a One
Dragon Committee.
Winter Star $6.00

Overdyed threads and metallics on
Sparkle fabric really make this design
Winter Burst $6.00

cross stitched with overdyed thread on
20ct jobelan, this makes a wonderful
project for those tired eyes, instant
gratification, how can you miss?
Pondering Dragon $8.00
(Draco Philosophicus)
This Dragon is always spotted staring
off into space with his chin resting on
his fist, obviously thinking hard about
something. Exactly what he's thinking
of is unknown, since whenever he is
disturbed he gets a perturbed look on
his face and stalks off to find a quieter
place to think.
This big blue fellow is thinking how
cute he is as he smiles from his cross
stitched self using Needle Necessities
Gotta Luv Me $6.00
Rosebud $6.00

Bring your garden inside with this
beautiful bloom! We finished it as
a little hanger, but a pillow on the
couch or little frame on an easel
will have roses blooming inside too!
Single Rosebud $8.00
Friendship Sampler $8.00

"A friend in need is a friend
- Latin Proverb
Country Birdhouse w/charm  $9.00