Project I

Chen Designs is a supporter of Cole's
Quits. The purpose of this project is to
provide cross stitch Quilts of Love to
children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.



SMA goes by many names:  Spinal
Muscular Atrophy, SMA, and Werding-
Hoffman Disease or Werdnig-Hoffman
Paralysis.  They are all the exact same

SMA is a muscular disease passed on
genetically to children by their
parents.  You can not "catch" SMA by
being around someone who has it.  It is
a "Recessive" genetic disease,
meaning that BOTH parents must carry
a copy of the recessive SMA gene.  
There is only a 25% chance each
pregnancy of the child having SMA
and a 75% chance each pregnancy
that the child will be healthy.  One out
of 40 people is a carrier of this
recessive gene.  The brain is not
affected, and they have been tested to
have at least average to above
average intelligence.  Please do not
make the mistake of treating them as
mentally impaired!!  Their bodies may
not be perfect, but their minds are, so
be sure to treat them that way!  SMA
affects a child's muscular evelopment,
and the severity depends on what
'type' of SMA the child has.  There are
four "Types" of SMA, Type 1,2,3 & 4.  
The earlier  the symptoms are noticed,
the more severe the type of SMA.  
Type 1 is the most severe, affecting
children while still in the womb or
shortly after birth.  Type 4 is the least
severe, affecting adults.

Additional information on SMA can be
found on the following website:

This pattern was designed for Ashley
who is a child with SMA.  She is a
recipient of a quilt through the Cole’s
Quilt project.  The proceeds from this
pattern will be donated to Cole’s Quilt
All of the profits from the following
designs supports  children with Spinal
Muscular Atrophy.  

Ashley's Butterflies  * Gotta luv me
Ashley's Butterflies
              Gotta Luv Me
Quilts Blocks completed by Chen
Designs for project.

Ashley's Quilt

Kenan's Quilt